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The Youth Opera will do two shows, time TBA.  One will be mid afternoon and more appropriate for young guests and the other will be in the evening and more geared toward older audiences.  $10 tickets at the door.

The Youth Opera of El Paso is dedicated to providing young singers in our community with hands-on experience in opera and its related genres. We strive to collaborate with organizations in our area to reinforce the importance of opera in preserving cultural ideas, and communicating the human experience. We hope to promote the principles set forth by the National Opera Association Children’s Opera Project:

  • To raise awareness of children’s opera as an art form

  • To help young singers prepare for the collegiate/professional world

  • To make opera more relevant to the general public in an effort to stimulate interest, and support for the genre

  • To make information about children’s opera more accessible to the music community, and general public

  • To promote the creation of new works