Something for Everyone

When it comes to hotels in Denali, Tonglen Lake Lodge offers something for everyone. Whether it is taking a yoga class in a serene setting, exploring nature with an experienced guide, or hearing about the unique history and culture of Denali through the storytelling of our owner, Donna Gates, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Tonglen Lake Lodge.

Be sure to check our dedicated Arts & Music page for more on what gives Tonglen Lake Lodge its soul.

Private Guest Activities
Private Guest Activities

As one of the top hotels in Denali, Tonglen Lake Lodge has morning and evening activities to add to your full day of exploring Denali’s vast landscape. Read more

Artisan Café
Open to the Denali Community

Denali locals, who know their  hotels in Denali, love to frequent the Artisan Café which is open to them in the mornings. In addition, yoga classes and musical performances are also open to the local community for a fee. Read more

Weddings, conferences & retreats
Weddings, Conferences & Retreats

Offering one of the most idyllic locations on any hotels in Denali list, the facilities at Tonglen Lake Lodge transform into the perfect wedding, conference or retreat venue. Read more