Celtic Concert with Caitlin Warbelow

7:30 p.m. at Tonglen Lake Lodge, Tickets $15

Featuring fiddler extraordinaire Caitlin Warbelow and other Festival Celtic guest artists.

Caitlin Warbelow is a popular performer at Tonglen Lake Lodge every Festival season. Born and raised in Fairbanks, she now lives in Brooklyn and performs around the world, in a variety of genres including Irish traditional and rock, country and bluegrass, Texas swing and contest fiddling and even as a classical violinist.

She is a former All-Ireland and New England Fiddle Champion and most recently toured with Riverdance's new production and on Broadway with Sting's musical "The Last Ship."

Other Celtic guest artists will also join in the concert, including Dan Lowery on Irish flute, Anna Colliton on percussion and Johnny Cuomo on guitar.

Dan Lowery is also a regular Celtic performer at Tonglen Lake Lodge every season, with his Irish flute and tin whistle. Lowery has been playing Irish music for nearly 20 years.  He lives in New York City now and tours full-time with the legendary Irish singer Derek Warfield and band, The Young Wolfetones.

Anna Colliton is one of America's leading advocates of the bodhran, the traditional Irish frame drum. She plays a highly intricate style of drumming. Most recently, she played with the Paul McKenna Band in the International Showcase at Epcot Theme Park, Disney World, for six months.

Johnny Cuomo and his Celtic guitar were one of the most popular traditional Irish sessions in New York City at O'Neill's Irish Pub every Sunday night, attracting musicians from all over the world. Now he is developing a following at other pubs in the area and is often invited to join other sessions.

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