Saturday, August 5th 9:00am-5:00pm

This workshop combines Pat’s Puppy Puzzle Presentation with her discussion of the value of structurally evaluating adult dogs being considered for a breeding program, working trials or performance competition.  Add in a veterinarian’s perspective on reducing risk of structural injuries in working and performance dogs, and you have a fun and highly informative day!

Dogs will do most anything we ask of them. The question is: Do we want to ask them to do things they are structurally incapable of doing without breaking down? Is that what we really want to do to our most steadfast companions? The more we learn about canine structure, the more we understand what is reasonable to ask of our dogs, given their physical strengths and weaknesses. You’ll never look at a dog quite the same way again!

Items discussed will include:

v How to evaluate the structural quality of puppies

v The basics of canine structure

v The weakest links to look for and keep in mind

v How to evaluate structural quality of your adult dog

v What your dog can do, and what should your dog not be doing?

v Problem solving issues associated with the show ring

v A vet’s ideas on how to strengthen structure and reduce the risk of injury

v Questions and hands-on work with attendee’s dogs

v Meet the pups and review an evaluation of an 8-wk old litter

SPEAKER - Pat is well-respected in the dog-world as an educator, author and AKC judge. Well-known for her Puppy Puzzle DVD, she evaluates the structural quality of over 300 litters 

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