DENALI: Artists Respond to Music in the Wilderness

Sunday, July 8th 2:00pm - 4:00pm



Music: What Does it Look Like to Me?

There is joy in new experiences, a sense of fullness when we step away from familiar terrain and try something new. With this in mind, Elements Artist Group invite you to join them for an afternoon of artistic exploration. All you have to bring is your desire to take a risk to “play” at the confluence of music and visual art.


In conjunction with their show, DENALI: Artists Respond to Music Inspired by Wilderness, Elements Artists will guide participants through three activities, each one providing an opportunity to visually respond to music using different techniques — mark making with sumi ink, collages of colors and shapes with fused fabric, and drawing and painting.


Join Elements Artists for a joyful afternoon of artistic exploration!

This workshop is open to anyone, age 12 and up.

$20 per person

No experience needed. No talent required. 

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