Collin Stackhouse With Ky Burt

Sunday, August 19th

Collin Stackhouse is an Alaska-born, Portland-based fiddle and banjo player. He combines modern vocal edge with old time instrumentation, folk/pop/punk confessional melodies, with Americana roots.


"A tinge of Americana, a snap of old timey mountain sounds, a couple of hugs worth of Irish antics, and a barrel of authenticity!" -Writer's Block, Anchorage

In addition, Collin will be joined at Tonglen this summer by his music partner, Ky Burt:

Ky Burt is a nationally touring songwriter, guitarist and banjo player based in Portland, completing his debut album this spring. Collin Stackhouse has been playing fiddle and singing around Alaska and the Pacific Northwest for 20+ years. His debut album Again Again was released during the Alaska Folk Fest this last April.


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