About Us

Tonglen Lake Lodge is the creation of Alaskan artist and owner, Donna Gates, with the intent to transform the five acres into a celebration of the arts, the community and the place. Visitors to Tonglen Lake begin their own transformative journey while traveling up the mile-long, woodland lane to the open expanse of lodge, lake and mountain views. Built in 2012 and opening in May of 2013, the lodge, café and cabins are a synergy of area artists and builders to create a space of inspiration, relaxation and beauty. 

After arriving in the summer of 1980 for a job at Denali National Park, Donna was captivated by the magic of Alaska and has lived on the edge of Tonglen Lake since 1981, raising a family, creating a career as a fine artist and experiencing an authentic Alaskan lifestyle “off the grid”.  With her daughters grown and with growing families of their own, Donna was inspired to create Tonglen Lake Lodge as a tribute to her community and to Denali; a place where visitors can share in an authentic, Alaskan experience while building an awareness of respect and awe for both.


Get Away from it All

Tonglen Lake Lodge is tucked away and surrounded by peaks of the Alaska Range. You will not be in the traffic and crowds of Denali's entrance area. Choose Tonglen Lake as a vacation spot - your retreat into the wilderness of Alaska, a place to shed the stresses and responsibilities of your daily life, to breath in the fresh, nurturing mountain air and to savor the views of the surrounding pristine wilderness. Take the time to let Tonglen Lake sooth your soul.