Winter Visitors

Now visitors can enjoy winter in Denali!

Tonglen Lake Lodge provides guests the opportunity to savor the breathtaking days of winter while staying in our Guest House. The abundance of winter activities is increasing as not only Denali National Park, but also area business, are offering more ways to experience this area in the glorious, quiet and unique months of this winter wonderland. A best kept secret!  

Northern Lights viewing, dog-sledding, cross-country skiing, wildlife viewing, snowshoeing, and simply experiencing the spectacular snow-covered scenery are just the beginning of your adventure!

Traverse Alaska Guides provides a variety of services for adventurous guests wishing to explore this very special time of year in Denali.

Our winter lodging requires guests to hire a guiding service for travel safety and expert knowledge of the area (special considerations for Alaskans). 

We are truy excited about these new opportunities!