Shamanic Journeying Class

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Offered by DRAGONFLY HEALING CENTER and instructor REVEREND KATHRYN GATES-FERRIS, Ms, MPA,CHt, the owner of Dragonfly Healing Center in New Jersey.  For more information go to

Please register in advance with Tonglen Lake Lodge.

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."
-- C.G. Jung

June 22-26

Group class and individual sessions


Basic Shamanic Journeying Class: Part 1

Dates:   Tuesday, June 23

Time:       1:00pm to 5:00pm

Fee:       $75

 Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual practice, dating back tens of thousands of years.  Learn the technique of shamanic journeying where you travel to non-ordinary reality using the beat of a drum, and connect with your helping spirits for information and healing.  Meet up with your Power Animal and Helping Spirit and start a long term relationship!  All you need is an open heart and mind. 

The Part 1 course will cover the following:

    1) Introduction to core shamanism

    2) Journeying to find your power animal

    3) Journeying to find your upper world teacher

    4) Shamanic singing and dancing

Basic Shamanic Journeying Class: Part 2

Dates:   Thursday, June 25

Time:       1:00pm to 5:00pm

Fee:       $75

You must have taken Part 1 in order to take Part 2.   The Part 2 course will cover:

   1) Causes of illness from a shamanic perspective

   2) Retrieving a power animal for another person

   3) Rock Divination

   4) Long distance healing

   5) Journey for personal healing/information


Shamanic Healing: offering power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, psychopomp work, extraction and healing with spiritual light. Fee is $75 for a session.

Hypnotherapy: specializing in past life regression and life-between-life work, also offering self-hypnosis, weight reduction, smoking cessation, and other self-improvement.

General Hypnotherapy Session (usually one hour): $75

Past Life Regression Session (usually two hours): $150

Life Between Life Regression (usually three hours):  $200